1. Bosses admit they would discriminate a woman not wearing makeup LINK
  2. Women and minorities punished for promoting workplace diversity LINK
  3. Professors were more likely to respond to white men than women and black, Hispanic, Indian or Chinese students for research opportunities LINK
  4. If There’s Only One Woman in Your Candidate Pool, There’s Statistically No Chance She’ll Be Hired LINK
  5. Managers showed that when the hiring manager had no other information other than a candidate’s gender, they were twice as likely to hire a man than a woman LINK
  6. When applying for business loan, education was a more important factor for female than male applicants LINK
  7. Bias against female leaders LINK
  8. Women’s contributions tend to be accepted more often than men’s. But women’s acceptance rates are higher only when they are not identifiable as women LINK
  9. How blind auditions help orchestras to eliminate gender bias LINK
  10. Gender-Blind Job Applications Result In More Women Hired  LINK

View post #1 on the Wage Gap here

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