Do women really earn less than men?

  1. Sometimes it hurts to ask about more pay (for women) LINK
  2. Official Wage Gap report 2016 LINK
  3. Female dominated fields taken over by men LINK
  4. Women Paid less in female dominated fields LINK
  5. Male Nurses earn more than female LINK
  6. As Women take over male dominated fields, the pay drop LINK
  7. Wage Gap in same job LINK
  8. WOMEN More likely to graduate from college, but still earn less than men LINK
  9. Male nurses earn more than female LINK
  10. Lifetime earnings – The gap LINK
  11. Women’s earnings and employment by industry, 2009 LINK
  12. Women offered less pay for the same job/position LINK
  13. Wage gap in Australia (Conclusion: No matter which method of research is used, there is always a wage gap) LINK
  14. Australia Top 10 jobs with biggest pay LINK
  15. Men earn 2,4 % more in the same job, same position, at the same company and using similar education and experience LINK

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